Bee Packages on Sale Now!





Pickup date: April 29th or May 6th

Price: $120.00

Visit us today to reserve yours!

To pre-order, visit us in store at 7610 W. 42nd Avenue Wheat Ridge CO 80033 or call us at 303-424-6455 to pay over the phone.

Information about 2017 bee packages:

  • Queens are a Italian hybrid reared for honey production, gentle nature and over wintering. Queens and bee packages are produced by our supplier who ships them here in their climate controlled truck holding over 1000 bee packages.
  • 3 pounds of bees, which are about 10,000 workers with a mated queen bee, will arrive April 29th and will be available for pickup only. Bee Packages are shipped in a semi trailer with climate control and are team driven to the drop off location. Which means less time on the road for the bees and less stress on the bees with few to zero losses in transit.