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Beekeeping Supplies

Wardle Feed and Pet is now carrying beekeeping supplies! If you’re a new beekeeper or a pro, we’ve got everything you need to make your hive thrive. Our beekeeping boxes are high quality, Colorado-made products at the lowest prices in town.


Starter Kit

What do you carry?

  • STARTER HIVE: Complete 10-frame Langstroth includes bottom board, 9 5/8″ deep, 10 frames and foundation, Inner cover and and telescoping cover.
  • INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS: Bottom boards, screen bottom boards, inner cover, telescoping cover, entrance reducer, entrance feeder
  • BEEKEEPER ATTIRE: full bee suit, bee veil, bee gloves, bee jacket
  • TOOLS: bee brush, hive tools, gripper, smoker, scratier

New to Beekeeping?

Bee hives are started in the spring around the end of April in the Denver metro area. Here are some tips for new keepers:

  • Buy a starter Kit before March (hives start in the Spring)
  • Sign up for our bee class taught by a local expert
  • Visit his site for helpful content

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