Old Fashioned Chicken Swaps!

What: Buy, sell, trade, or browse animals from local community.  Think of it as a Farmer’s Market but for animals.

When: Every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Admission: FREE, FREE, FREE, including vendors. No need to register.

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Q: I’m looking to sell animals. What do I do?

A: We love vendors. Simply show up with your animals, set up shop and sell away. No fees. No hassle. Our swap takes place in the open field behind Wardle Feed and Pet on the south side of 42nd Avenue (Three Acre Lane). Call ahead to let us know what you’re selling so we can advertise for you!

Q: I’m looking to buy animals. What do I do?

A: We love buyers. Just show up and buy or browse. In fact, we encourage you to bring the kids or grand kids and enjoy showing them the diversity of the world that we live in.

Q: What animals are available?

A: Depends on the week. Chicken swaps are like farmer’s markets for animals. People bring in what they have available. But our partners at Fulenwider Farm consistently bring great chickens and other animals. Swing by and check it out.

Q: Any additional tips?

A: The best animals usually sell within the first few hours. So get here early to find the best deals!