Dog and Cat Food

5 – star Dry and Canned Food

Wardle Feed carries some of the best dog and cat food brands available. We are proud to offer you quality foods at affordable prices. Choose from full lines of great products; from puppy to senior, all life stages to grain free food. We carry a number of quality canned food brands and items.

Toys and Treats

We sell numerous toys and treats that will keep your dogs wagging in joy. Unlike big box stores with big price tags, our toys and treats are priced to sell.

Canine Health

We even sell canine health products. Puppy and adult vaccinations are a fraction of the cost compared to going to the vet. Hip and Joint products as well as vitamin supplements will keep your dogs healthy and happy. Our de-wormers will protect your dogs from several types of worms and our fly repellent items will keep pesky insects away.

For more information on brands and products, click here for dog and here for cat.