mealwormChoose from a huge variety of poultry treats that will leave your chickens clucking with joy.

These treats are packed with good oils, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, fibers, and herbs. Benefits of these products and seeds include better egg production, healthier feathers and skin, healthier combs and wattles, better disease resistance, less stress, more energy, and higher nutrient density in your eggs (meaning healthier for you too!).

We carry a variety of treats such as whole seeds, seed mixtures, mealworms, crickets, herbs, and supplements. See below for more details!!

Whole Seeds: Grab a 10 lb bag of any of these, at the lowest prices in town! Naturally full of healthy oils, good proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Black oil sunflower seeds
  • Hemp seeds
  • Flax seeds
  • Millet seeds
  • Corn
  • Safflower seeds
  • Milo seeds

Seed mixtures: Treat your chickens to a variety of whole and cracked seeds, with fruits and veggies mixed in. Packed with nutrients.

  • Scratch – make sure not to feed scratch in hot weather
  • Pullet Together
  • Chicken Crack™
  • Harvest Delight™
  • Garden Delight™
  • Scatter Snacks™
  • Chick Stick™

Mealworms and Crickets: These dried little bugs will have your chickens going wild. Chocked full of vitamins, fiber and great protein for your birds.

  • Various sized bags of mealworms, best prices in town!
  • Treat squares with mealworms and various seeds/fruits
  • Mealworm and cricket tubs

Herbal Treats: Your chickens will go nuts. Among other things, herbs repel pests, fight bacteria and parasites, as well as reduce inflammation and stress.

  • Luv Nest™ Herbal Blend
  • Luv Nest™ Critter Ritter
  • Luv Nest™ Chick Mix Blend
  • Luv Nest™ Nibbles Treat

Supplements: Give your chickens ultimate health with a vitamin, mineral, and probiotic supplement. A full profile of vitamins and minerals will increase the entire well-being of your flock.

  • Omega Egg Maker™
  • Vitamins and Electrolytes
  • Chick Boost Probiotic
  • Egg Boost Probiotic
  • Life Lytes™
  • Layer Boost
  • Performance Poultry
  • Durastat Essential Oils and Oregano

Don’t forget about oyster shells for healthy egg shells and poultry grit for digestion!

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