Chicks for Sale

Wardle Feed is proud to offer a wide variety of chick breed from February 13th through Labor Day. Costs and availability vary daily. Swing by and see what types are currently available.

Q: How much are they?

A: Prices vary by the breed. Most are around $3.50-$7 per chick.

Q: How do I get a specific breed?

A: Because of the nature of chick hatching, we are only able to carry a limited number of breeds at a time. Availability will vary daily. Call if you are looking for a specific breed and we’ll let you know if we plan on carrying it. 303-424-6455

Q: Can I reserved my chicks?

A: No. We sell our chicks on a first-come first-serve basis. The best way to make sure you get the chicks you want is to swing by the store or call for availability.

Q: What kinds do you usually carry?

A: The breeds we’re able to carry with greater consistency includes:

  • Rhode Island Reds
  • White Leghorns
  • Black Stars
  • Wyandotte
  • New Hampshire Red


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