Bee Packages

Hey Denver! Our bee packages are available for order now, for pickup on April 27th and May 4th 2019!

The bee supplier will drop first at Wardle Feed! This is important because, if you order from us, your bees will have spent less time on the truck than if you order from other retailers. 


Our bees are an Italian hybrid crossed with Carniolan.  Each package includes roughly 10,000 worker bees, each with a mated queen. Each package weighs around 3 pounds.

See Terms and Conditions for more details.  Please check our website regularly (instead of calling) the week before your pickup date in case of possible delivery time and date changes which may be caused by weather.  Updates, if any, will be posted at the bottom of our terms and conditions page.

Cancellation of orders before April 1 will be charged a 15% handling fee. Orders may not be cancelled after April 1.

See our schedule for bee classes here.

For more information on how to control parasites without harming bees click here.