Chicken Coops

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Keep your animals safe from the elements with one of our quality products.

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  1. Coops: Custom built by Fulenwider Farm, all coops come with high quality chicken wire surrounding the entire run, including the floor. They come with a run (chickens love sun light) and are connected to a solid wood nesting box where your chickens will be safe and warm at night and where they can lay eggs.  Our coops are designed to protect your birds from predators. Each coop has convenient doors, a run, and room for a waterer and feeder.   Our coops are not like the cheap ones from the big box stores.  We actually ordered some of those in a few years ago – but quit selling them very quickly.  They look really nice in the pictures and they are very inexpensive.  But, they warped, cracked, and broke very quickly.  They did not have any wire on the bottom, which allows predators to easily lift the coop and get under and kill your birds.  We had sad customers bringing them back.  So, now we only sell top quality coops that are made in Colorado for our harsh winters.  A Wardle coop will be the last chicken coop you will ever need to buy.  And if you do not see a coop you like, let us know – we will custom build one for you!
  2. Hutches: Our hutches are enclosed with wire and a nesting box. Also includes underside tray for convenient cleaning. We also sell Little Giant Rabbit Hutch with dropping pan, frame kit, and urine guard.
  3. Pens: Our pens are simple enclosures that will protect from the elements and provide shade for your goats.
  4. Crates: Our crates are quality, flat packed products from various suppliers. Only preferable products are stocked. Crates come in many shapes and sizes. We sell Little Giant wire crates from size small to giant as well as Little Giant exercise pen in all available sizes.