Our History

Wardle Feed was started by Byron Wardle.

Byron made an early living raising sheep in Agate, Colorado around 1910. Several years later he met and married his wife Amelia while taking a herd of sheep to Lebanon, Kansas.

In 1935 the Bryon, Amelia and their six children moved to Wheat Ridge, Colorado to 2 ½ acres of land on the southwest corner of 42nd and Wadsworth Boulevard he had bought for $5,700. The family lived in the chicken house while the older boys and Byron completed the house and the mill.

In 1937 everything was complete and family began selling grain under the name Wardle & Sons Feed Company.

In 1961, the old building was reconstructed so the entrance faced 42nd Avenue instead of Wadsworth Boulevard. The original house was moved to Arvada, Colorado where Byron and Amelia soon retired and allowed their three sons to run the company.

In 1994, the Wardle Brothers sold Wardle & Sons Feed to the Shaun and Terri Pearman and Patty and Gene Pyell, having run the company for more than 50 years. The Pearmans and Pyells have owned and run Wardle Feed ever since.

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