New Backyard Chicken Video Series

We are open, as animal feed sales is an essential service

Thanks you for buying locally from us – we are Colorado family owned since 1938!  If you are new to chicken keeping, we offer an excellent online class by Zoom (you can register online).  

Last updated June 14, 2020 at 9:30 am

Baby Chicks:  We have baby chicks in stock.  As of this posting, we have the following breeds of sexed (hens) babies:  Delaware, Assorted Easter Eggers, White Rock, Blue Andalusian, Salmon Favorelle, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, White Leghorn, Buff Orpington, Black Sex Links, Wyandottes, Gold Spangled Hamburgs, Barred Rock.  Breeds change sometimes daily, depending on what sells out and what has hatched.

Pullets and Laying Hens: We still have pullets  but they are still selling very quickly.

Baby Ducks: Sorry, we are sold out of baby ducks.  We may have some this coming Thursday, depending on what hatches.

Birds are selling very quickly. Please feel free to call us at (303) 424-6455 before you come to make sure we still have in stock what you want.

Our office and brooder room with the baby chicks have constantly running ultraviolet light (UV) and negative ion air purifiers during operating hours. We disinfect with Virkon and ozone generators every evening. We still have a good supply of pet, poultry and livestock feeds in stock now. The City of Wheat Ridge requires customers to wear a mask.

Temporary Hours
9 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday
9 am to 4 pm Saturday