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New Arrivals Just in time for the holidays!!!

Laying Hens – Chickens – Christmas Special – only $25 each

We just got in 50 laying hens that are right at about a year old. They are coming out of molt so they are fully feathered out and about ready to start laying. These are some beautiful birds and they will sell out quickly.

If you are planing buying chickens for holiday gifts or to replenish your flock, here are some examples of this special buy:

Breed:                                            Color of eggs:
Easter Eggers                         – blue or green
Ameraucanas                         – blue or green
Black and Buff Leghorns  – white
Black Stars                                – brown
Golden Comets                       – brown
White Rock                               – brown
Blue Wyandottes                   – brown
Blue Ameraucanas                – blue or green
Black Australorps                  – brown

Call 303-424-6455 if you have questions or you want to make sure of what is still available.


Also we have regularly stock live pullets for sale!  These chickens are at least 12 weeks old or older and are fully feathered out.  They are ready to be outside in a coop. They will be laying fresh eggs very soon and should lay many eggs for you over the next two years or more.  They sell fast so call ahead if you are wondering about breeds in stock (they change all the time).  These are great birds to start out with because they are past the critical baby chick age (you have a higher chance of loss with very young birds).  But, they are young enough that it is still possible they may like to be held.     



Get Started Now with Backyard Chicken Keeping and have Fresh Eggs Daily – Soon!!!

Little Barn Walk-In Coop – 8 x 3 x 6 ft – Everything you need to get started + you pick the six Pullets from our flock. 


Little Barn Coop – 6 x 3 x 4 ft.  Everything you need to get started + you pick out four Pullets from our flock.  

Additional pullets $24 each.

Sales tax not included in prices.

Delivery Available.


Here is a happy couple who just bought the Complete Chickens & Coop Christmas special.  They were set up instantly as backyard chicken keepers with everything they needed, including four chickens just about ready to lay eggs.


Wardle Feed and Pet Supply is Denver’s oldest and best feed store, family-owned and operated since 1938. We specialize in chickens, animal feed, and supplies.  Baby chicks are in stock from February to Labor Day.  Pullets (10 -12 week old hens) are in stock year round!

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